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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Tau Six helps organizations leverage the capabilities of cloud services to enhance the security posture of customer’s environments. We help customers prepare cloud security strategies and roadmaps aligned to your top business objectives. 

We work with our clients to identify security practices and technology solutions that support a comprehensive cloud strategy, satisfy compliance requirements and achieve business goals.


Tau Six tailors managed cloud security services to meet the unique security and compliance needs of each organization.   Let Tau Six help your organization:

  • Dynamically automate and orchestrate cloud security controls to consistently enforce security, monitor compliance, and minimize adversary dwell time. 

  • Enforce company policy and protect data stored in the cloud, with an end-to-end cloud security strategy, policy and roadmap.

  • Detect, neutralize and eliminate malware and data breaches in cloud platforms. 

  • Maintain enterprise security when using cloud services. Detect unsanctioned cloud applications and cloud platform usage.


We work closely with our clients to identify a holistic set of security process and technology solutions that underpin a sound cloud strategy, satisfy industry and regulatory requirements and achieve business goals.

Security Operatons

Security Operations & Monitoring

Tau Six can help your organization mature its intelligence-driven security operations and incident response.  We partner with customers to increase security automation and security orchestration, thereby allowing staff to focus on the most impactful security activities. 

Tau Six services include:

  • Intrusion monitoring, incident analysis, investigation and response

  • Engineering and maintenance of security technologies

  • Network traffic monitoring and analysis

  • Integrated cyber threat analysis

  • Insider-threat detection, investigation, and mitigation

Tau Six adopts an outcome-based approach and assists customers to improve cybersecurity metrics across their organization:

  • Lower the ratio of false positives

  • Increase the volume of incidents handled or lower the headcount necessary for threat monitoring

  • Resolve incidents quicker

  • Decrease the time between threat detection and response.

  • Minimize the impact of and likelihood of an attack.

  • Improve the return on investment of Security Operations assets.

Secure Integration

Secure Systems Integration

The Tau Six Secure System Integration team has been designing and deploying solutions that meet or exceed strict U.S. Government accreditation requirements for decades.  Tau Six’s capabilities extend broadly across infrastructure technologies and vendors, including secure communications, data encryption, system hardening, and auditing, with products from Microsoft, VMWare, Amazon, and Splunk.  

The Tau Six team has experience with many successful IT modernization projects, including private and hybrid cloud deployments, data center and server room migrations, infrastructure upgrades and IT consolidation, and new infrastructure implementations.

Let our Secure System Integration team help you design and deploy solutions that deliver effective cyber security through transformative IT projects, operational improvements and business-critical IT implementations.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Understanding and evaluating risk enables Tau Six customers to target their security investments, prioritizing and aligning resources to address their most critical and impactful vulnerabilities. Through risk assessment Tau Six helps customers modify security programs, optimize technology usage, and plan investments to manage risks more effectively.

We take a comprehensive approach to track, triage and treat potential vulnerabilities and threats, taking into account the technology, people and processes specific to your organization to deliver actionable risk mitigation strategies.  Tau Six leverages guidance from NIST SP 800-30 and SP 800-39 to evaluate information security risks as a combination of likelihood of threat exploitation of vulnerabilities and the impact of such exploitation, allowing customers to effectively deploy limited security assets for maximum benefit. 

PMO Support

Project Management &

PMO Support

Tau Six’s project management (PM) and Program Management Office (PMO) support services help minimize risks and increase the likelihood of project and mission success.

Our services are based upon the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide. We also utilize Agile Project Management best practices to implement technology solutions, which provides an iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes. Just as in Agile Software Development, Agile projects are completed in small sections, called iterations, delivering incremental value throughout the project lifecycle. Our flexible processes adhere to all necessary agency policies and directives, and are based on real-world experience and the guiding principles of ISO 9001 and CMMI.

Cybesecurty Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy

Tau Six is dedicated to helping organizations create actionable cyber security strategies for successful security programs.  Tau Six helps our clients select the right combination of products, services and solutions to plan, build and run the most effective security operation. 

When building your cyber security strategy, we provide the knowledge, tools and experience to create a program closely aligned to business goals and to advance the maturity of your security programs. Adding our expertise in security, technology and process to your business acumen will better equip your organization to run a business-aligned and threat-aware security program.

Tau Six can help you:

  • Evaluate your current program and develop a roadmap to bring more maturity to your existing security initiatives

  • Develop and align a cyber security strategy to support your business goals

  • Address security gaps, develop risk management strategies and allocate resources more effectively to improve security for your organization

  • Recommend leading security practices and help you consistently execute your cyber security strategy


Tau Six's range of services is broad and fall within the following classifications of NAICS:


541512 - Computer System Design Services

541519 - Other Computer Related Services

541690 - Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

541330 - Engineering Services

541990 - Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

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